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How to install smart home devices: 3 Simple tips

by Marc Benoit 06/18/2024

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It might seem like a complicated ordeal to install smart home devices. However, the latest smart devices come with simple instructions and user-friendly controls. The best way to get your smart lighting, smart speakers, smart thermostats and other devices up and running is to focus on quality internet connection and a central hub.

Get the best internet you can find

You need reliable internet service for installation and ongoing function of your smart home setup. If you already have Wi-Fi at home but feel like it might need help to support smart devices, consider investing in a mesh network router. Mesh networks eliminate "dead zones" in your house and ensure a strong signal in every room.

Pick a smart hub

Smart home hubs allow you to control all connected devices from a central location and app. If you have many smart home devices, it's a good idea to consolidate into a hub. Having a hub for your smart home system awards you conveniences like using voice commands for multiple devices at once.

Connecting to a hub via your mobile device will let you take the entire smart system with you when you leave the house. This can be incredibly useful combined with smart home security cameras, smart locks, smart smoke detectors and more.

Make your connections secure

Most smart home device manufacturers include security options in their basic functionality. However, keeping your home network secure remains crucial. Consider establishing a guest Wi-Fi network with limited permissions. A combination of two-factor authentication and voice control can significantly reduce risk of unauthorized access.

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Smart lights and other smart home devices can make life easier and your everyday tasks more efficient. While most can be installed on your own, don't hesitate to reach out to your local home tech experts for assistance.

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